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Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia Support Site

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Chronic Fatigue
Support: Talk to Others
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The Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia discussion list (hm-ed-fm) is the only discussion/support group online for people with both of these conditions. All are welcome. It is hosted at, which allows new subscribers to customise participation. If you can't afford to have emails sent to your mailbox, you can opt to read and post messages on the web, as if you were participating in a message board rather than a mailing-list. If you prefer emails, but not too many, you can have every ten posts compressed into one email, which will then be sent to your email address.

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Currently, since the list's formation in March of 2000, the group has grown to almost 300 subscribers from around the world, of all ages. They include people who have hypermobility and fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue as well as parents and other family members of people who have these conditions. For more information on the list, you can visit the link below to the Topica List Directory:

Topica Directory: Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia Discussion List (hm-ed-fm)

Message Board/Webforum

The Webforum functions as a message board and is hosted by It is the perfect place for you to post a message, because it requires no subscriptions, and is open to anyone who visits the site, whether or not they are a a member of the mailing-list. Click on the button below to enter!

Live Chat

The chatroom is always open to visitors, and another scheduled chat will take place soon.