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About This Site

About This Site
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Why this Site? Why this List?

It is remarkable the number of people who have Hypermobility of any kind (usually as part of a condition like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and who also develop Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or CFIDS). I myself have the hypermobile variant of EDS, and possibly FMS. But almost no-one had any solid ideas as to how these conditions relate, and no forum existed where experiences could be shared. The main problem was, and still is, that relatively little is known about Hypermobility Syndromes (including EDS and Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome), CFS, CFIDS/ME or FMS, let alone the connection between them. Indeed, conditions producing similar but varying symptoms are called different things in different parts of the world. What causes some people to have pain with hypermobility and others to have none is uncertain. Regarding FMS, CFS and ME, the cause - whether it be chemical, psychosommatic, physical, viral - is also hotly debated. In the mean time, with so much controversy surrounding each syndrome by itself, few are taking the time to investigate how they all interact and offset each other.

Perhaps the main reason for starting a list was the fact that people with hypermobile joints find it difficult to separate those symptoms from their FMS anf CFS symptoms, or the complications that stem from them. More confusion arises when it comes to trying to alleviate pain. For example, one of the primary measures used for easing FMS pain is stretching, but this serves only to exacerbate the strain that hypermobile joints are under. When you put the two together, it's extremely difficult to separate or cope with them. This list is still in its infancy (only started on March 11th, 2000), so that's why this website (also a toddler, and the first of its kind) is instrumental in getting the word out to people who could benefit from it. It also will hopefully act as a flashlight as such, directing some light on the hazy connection among all these conditions.

All in all, thank-you for your your time here, and if you decide to join the list, I hope that it benefits you some. Dealing with these illnesses, site building and moderating a list are all very new things for me, and I'm constantly working to make this site useful and current. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the feedback form on the 'Get in Touch' page.

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The Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia Support Site takes every visitor's privacy very seriously, and is committed to protecting it. The author guarantees that no personal information about the site's visitors has been or will ever be shared with, given or sold to any third party. Via the site's Guestbook, Webforum and Feedback Form, names, emails addresses and comments can be voluntarily provided at the discretion of the visitor. In the case of the Guestbook, there is a mechanism by which signers can hide their identity from other visitors. In the Chat room, all information is provided voluntarily at the discretion of the participant, and the Hypermobility & Fibromylalgia Support Site accepts no responsibility for any damages which may occur from participating in an open chat. No other personal information is collected in any way from visitors to this site. If you have any questions regarding the commitment to privacy on the Hypermobility & Fibromyalgia Support Site, please feel free to contact the author and webmaster of this site. This can be done on the 'Get in Touch' page of this site.

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